India Wants Eleven More LNG Import Terminals

India’s government has announced that it plans to build 11 LNG import terminals over the next seven years as part of the nation’s plans to have natural gas contribute 15 percent of its energy mix by 2020.

India already has four LNG import terminals (Petronet’s Dahej and Kochi LNG terminals, Shell’s Hazira plant and the Dabhol terminal operated by Ratnagiri Gas and Power) and imports around 20 million tons of LNG a year, about 6.5 percent of its energy needs.

A Reuters news report states that Narendra Taneja, spokesman for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, said the plans would increase India’s LNG import capacity to more than 70 million tons per year. India would eventually require even more than 15 terminals to meet its demand, Taneja said, speaking at an industry conference in Bali, Indonesia.

India plans to electrify millions of households that currently use wood for fuel. It also plans to reduce reliance on coal and use the LNG to provide power for electric vehicles. India anticipates that all new cars sold will be electric by 2030. Taneja said the nation is looking to provide LNG for bunkering, including setting up a facility at Kochi port.

Source: India Wants Eleven More LNG Import Terminals

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