PA Rig Count Has Jumped Nearly 70% Since June

The Baker Hughes rig count stats show the number of rigs operating in Pennsylvania has jumped nearly 70% since June! The Baker Hughes rig count, watched closely by those in the industry (the benchmark used across the world) has been trending up in the U.S. since July and in Pennsylvania since June. Baker Hughes released its venerable count for September on Friday and once again the counts have gone up—very good news indeed.Baker Hughes is reporting an average of 509 active rigs in the U.S., up 28 from August. MDN performs its own rig count for the Marcellus/Utica, using Baker Hughes numbers for Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. The Marcellus/Utica rig count was up for the second month running. In September the Marcellus/Utica rig count jumped up by 7. The biggest gainer was Pennsylvania, up by 5. West Virginia was up by 2, and Ohio stayed even.

Source: PA Rig Count Has Jumped Nearly 70% Since June

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