Mexico, Second World Importer of Gasoline

Mexico, Sep 21 (Prensa Latina) Mexico is now second world importer of gasoline, only preceded by the United States, it was informed here.According to daily La Jornada, it is expected that Mexican imports keep on increasing duer to the limited domestic refining capacity and the commercial opening of that fuel.In 2015, the foreign imports of gasoline totaled 13 billion 410 million dollars.The Mexican energy reform says that in 2017, free import of gasolines and diesel is to be allowed and in 2018 the prices of those fuels will be liberated, eliminating present price bands.Mexico imported 12 billion 694 million liters in the first half of 2016, for four billion 938 million dollars, according to data of the Secretary of Economy.Of the total of its domestic consumption of gasoline, the country imports almost 45 percent and faces the need to improve existing refineries to meet environmental norms and expand the offer. The third largest importer of gasoline was Singapur with 12 billion 757 million dollars, followed by South Korea (11 billion 730 million).

Source: Mexico, Second World Importer of Gasoline

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