Vistas from Texas: An Economic Outlook – Dallas Fed

Vistas from Texas: An Economic Outlook

August 7, 2015 · Houston

About the Series

Texas’ outsized growth since the recession has been supported by a booming energy sector, strong exports and longer-term factors such as low costs of living and doing business. However, the sharp fall in oil prices, a strong dollar and slowing growth in Asia and Europe loom over the state’s prospects this year. How will Texas and its diverse regions respond?

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas is launching the conference series, Sizing Up Texas’ Growth, which examines economic trends and prospects for Texas and its major regions—South Texas, the Gulf Coast, West Texas and North Texas. Speakers will also address the national and global economies. Additionally, this year, experts will discuss energy and trade and their importance for long-term growth in the Houston area.

About the Event

The inaugural one-day conference, “Vistas from Texas: An Economic Outlook,” is sponsored by the Research Department’s regional group and will be held at the Dallas Fed’s Houston Branch on Aug. 7. Future installments of the series will rotate between the Dallas Fed and its branches in Houston, El Paso and San Antonio and will feature topics of interest to the local area.

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