Landowners wary of $3.7 billion, 1,134-mile Bakken pipeline project : Business

The company that proposes a major crude oil pipeline for the Bakken says it will minimize impacts to agriculture and use state-of-the-art safety features, but nearly half of the landowners along the North Dakota route have yet to sign on to the project.The North Dakota Public Service Commission will begin holding hearings later this month on the Dakota Access Pipeline, a 1,134-mile pipeline that would carry Bakken crude from North Dakota to Patoka, Ill.The Public Service Commission anticipates a lot of public input on the $3.7 billion project, proposed by Energy Transfer Partners of Houston.Read more:–mile-bakken-pipeline-project/article_0ada306f-6613-5e09-84ee-25109ab36b51.html#ixzz3bOYhzjIJ–mile-bakken-pipeline-project/article_0ada306f-6613-5e09-84ee-25109ab36b51.html

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