Moving Toward Crude Conditioning

For Utah-based Profire Energy Inc. the Bakken offers incredible potential for the burner management company. The future of Profire—and other firms capable of managing heating elements on well pads and tank battery sites—is linked to the play’s ongoing push to better control flaring and to condition all crude prior to rail transport. Although the company has operating facilities in Texas, Canada, Utah and the East Coast, it is the Bakken that has the team excited for the future. “We call the Bakken our sleeping giant,” Andrew Limpert, CFO says. “We are just getting started there. Our presence there is more a function of our ability to get there than our opportunities that exist there.”

Profire’s major entrance into the Bakken represents the start of a new era for the shale play. In late 2014, the North Dakota Industrial Commission implemented new crude conditioning rules that will take effect April 1. The new rules require all crude set for transport to meet certain pressure and temperature limits. The limits, the state believes, will ensure that Bakken crude transported via rail matches the volatility levels of gasoline used in car engines or lawnmowers and ensure all entities involved in the movement of the commodity that the crude in the cars is safe and within average volatility levels. Prior to shipment, oil will need to be stored at or below 13.7 Reid Vapor Pressure and at a temperature of 110 degree Celsius.

via The Bakken magazine – Moving Toward Crude Conditioning.

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