EIA plans US condensate, rail data in 2015

The Energy Information Administration expects to report condensate production volumes early next year and movements of crude by rail by the summer, agency head Adam Sieminski said today.The agency is continuing to study new areas in need of reporting, including storage volumes on the Texas coast, he said on the sidelines of the Deloitte Oil & Gas conference in Houston, Texas.EIA expects to begin surveying production data directly, including API gravity information, leaving behind a patchwork of state-level production data on which the agency currently relies.”I think by January, I hope, we’re going to be able to start collecting data,” Sieminski said.Rapidly changing US energy development has exposed gaps in the agency’s data, relied upon by both policy makers and industry to help monitor the sector. Condensate, previously a marginal part of crude production, has received special interest as current US policy allows producers of growing volumes of the high-gravity oil to lightly distill and then export it.EIA will continue to rely on US Commerce Department data to track condensate exports, Sieminski said.The agency also plans to begin offering third-party data next year on crude volumes moved by rail. EIA will evaluate whether it will still need to develop its own surveying for a crude logistics method particularly important to the US Atlantic and west coasts.Federal regulations limit the agency’s ability to survey companies for the information without administrative approval. Third-party data is, at this point, faster, he said.But EIA would need administrative approval to modify surveys to gather more information on available storage in the Houston area on the Texas Gulf coast. Sieminski saw a need for such figures, similar to what the agency collects on the crude storage hub at Cushing, Oklahoma.

via News – Argus Media.

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