UBS Sees 4 Companies as Potential MLP Acquisition Targets

Once a major company with the size, depth and, most of all, deep pockets like Kinder Morgan Inc. NYSE: KMI plunges in and makes a huge deal come together with pending acquisitions, all you need is a quote from the CEO Rich Kinder like “Fertile field to do a little grazing in” and you have sparked a wave of merger and acquisition M&A speculation in the energy master limited partnership MLP arena.A new report from the MLP team at UBS says that the analysts expect the healthy M&A atmosphere to continue. By their estimation, 67 M&A deals have so far been announced and/or completed versus 91 in 2013. The key statistic is the dollar amount of the transactions is already 44% above last year’s numbers. While Kinder Morgan’s deal was a consolidation of its existing businesses, the UBS team feels that other top companies will be looking to add-on companies that can complement existing business and supply needed growth.

via Potential MLP Acquisition Targets Include Crestwood Midstream Partners NYSE: CMLP, NuStar Energy NYSE: NS – 24/7 Wall St..

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