Torrent Energy Services Partners with CSL Capital Management

Torrent Energy Services, LLC “Torrent” and CSL Capital Management “CSL” are pleased to announce they executed definitive agreements that will provide Torrent with growth capital to accelerate its business plan. Torrent offers modular gas processing equipment and services that allow oil and gas producers and midstream companies to recover valuable natural gas liquids NGLs while reducing flaring and emissions.Torrent leases and operates mechanical refrigeration units MRUs based on tried and true technology. Built new, Torrent’s skid-mounted plants are capable of processing very rich natural gas and have the mobility to rapidly respond to customer needs, even in the most extreme weather conditions. Torrent’s plants convert heavy hydrocarbons C3+ into a stabilized, truckable, Y-Grade NGL product. The clean residue gas — primarily methane and ethane — is used to fuel ancillary equipment, including natural gas generators and compressors also provided by Torrent. Any remaining gas can be gathered or flared with a reduction in VOC emissions of 70 percent or more, allowing customers to meet permit requirements.Torrent is active in multiple regions including the Bakken Shale, Permian Basin, California, Utica Shale and Piceance Basin. Torrent is an established leader in North Dakota’s Bakken Shale, where the company helps multiple customers meet the state’s new gas capture requirements.

via Torrent Energy Services Partners with CSL Capital Management – MarketWatch.

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