CONFERENCE Mexican Oil &Gas Opportunities Sep 30 – Oct 2

Reform is transforming the Mexican oil and gas industry, with events unfolding rapidly in 2014 as secondary legislation is enacted in April and as “Round Zero” wraps up in September. Once Pemex and the regulators determine what Pemex is keeping, what becomes available, and what joint ventures will be constructed, new, concrete opportunities for oil and gas companies to do business in Mexico will become evident.Along the oil and gas chain, first movers – including E&Ps, midstream companies, infrastructure developers, transportation and logistics providers, investors and others – are positioning themselves as oil and gas development in Mexico ramps up. As a result of reform, new infrastructure and oil and gas facilities will be built, new partnerships and joint ventures will form, and new players will work with more established players to fully capitalize on all the opportunities coming with the massive changes to the oil and gas industry. What players will see new opportunities, and where, and how can they fully leverage them? One thing is certain: those who develop plans early will benefit the most.

via Mexican Oil & Gas Opportunities: Post-Reform II | An Infocast Deal Working Event.

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