LNG an ‘attractive fuel’ for marine shipping but infrastructure needed: US DOT

LNG is an “attractive fuel” for marine shipping from environmental and cost perspectives, but its use requires significant infrastructure, a US Department of Transportation agency says.LNG exceeds stricter upcoming US and European emissions regulations and is less expensive than fuel oil that can meet those specifications, the DOT’s Maritime Administration said Friday in a report featuring a wide-ranging set of guidelines to facilitate the shipping industry’s adoption of LNG.”However, because the use of LNG as a marine propulsion fuel is a relatively new concept in the US, there are significant safety and regulatory gaps,” the Maritime Administration said. “In addition, there are several challenges related to the development of a national infrastructure for LNG bunkering.”Ships traveling within 200 miles of shore in North America and the Baltic and North seas from 2015 must limit sulfur emissions from fuel to 0.1%, down from 1%, according to International Maritime Organization rules. Further restrictions could come in 2020.

via LNG an 'attractive fuel' for marine shipping but infrastructure needed: US DOT – Shipping | Platts News Article & Story.

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