Minor earthquake shakes Eagle Ford country

An earthquake registering at 3.2 magnitude was felt in Atascosa county Wednesday afternoon. The U.S. Geological Survey confirmed that the quake was centered about 40 miles south of San Antonio in the town of Charlotte.A KENS 5 reporter spoke with Marilyn Roberts, a local resident of Charlotte, who assumed the quake was caused by a nearby oil drilling operation using hydraulic fracturing techniques. “I spoke to somebody on the phone and he had heard that it was drilling…that there was an explosion,” stated Roberts.According to the report from KEN 5, since the exponential increase of hydraulic fracturing over the past 6 years, hundreds of minor earthquakes have impacted the state.The United States Geological Survey USGS acknowledges human activity as a trigger to many minor earthquakes.  Activities that have induced earthquakes in some geologic environments have included the impoundment of water behind dams, injection of fluid into the earth’s crust, extraction of resources from underground, and removal of rock in mining or quarrying operations.

via Minor earthquake shakes Eagle Ford country | bakken.com.

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