Lackawanna College President Volk touts college’s drilling programs

The president of Lackawanna College pitched the school’s successful program to train workers for gas field jobs as a possible national model to members of Congress.College President Mark Volk appeared Tuesday before a subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources which took testimony regarding “American Energy Jobs: Opportunities for Education.”Mr. Volk offered an overview of the School of Petroleum & Natural Gas in New Milford in 2009, the beginning of the Marcellus Shale boom.“What we have successfully built in Susquehanna County should serve a model for how educational institutions can, through innovation and collaboration with the industry, respond to the needs of a changing economic landscape and create entirely new job prospects for students,” he said.Mr. Volk gave an overview of how school officials created the program, describing how they visited schools throughout the country with similar programs, collaborated with gas industry companies and hired instructors from the industry.Students gain practical experience in the field through internships and work, and nearly 100 percent of graduates get jobs in the industry, he said.

via Lackawanna College President Volk touts college's drilling programs – Business – The Times-Tribune.

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