Is the Utica shale another Bakken in the making

The March 2014 edition of the Bakken Breakout included a story about the Marcellus formation “Giant Marcellus shale coming of age”, a Bakken-like tight shale that underlies much of Pennsylvania and parts of adjacent states. The Marcellus is currently the nation’s most prolific natural gas producer and now ranks second in the world after the Pars/North Dome field in Iran.As impressive as Marcellus numbers are shaking out, it’s really only half the story back East. Another tight shale formation underlies the Marcellus and, according to some industry officials, has the potential to exceed the Marcellus’ performance. It’s called the Utica shale and – like the Marcellus – Bakken-bred technology is required to make it a full-fledged energy player. The Marcellus and the Utica are so closely connected they’re often incorrectly spoken of as one.

via Is the Utica shale another Bakken in the making : Energy News.

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