Trucking industry on a roll with hiring

The active shale plays across Texas are increasing the demand for essentials and supplies, adding to the already immense demand for additional truck drivers.”There is a severe shortage of truck drivers, which will only continue to compound as the shale plays continue, the driving work force ages and regulatory pressures increase. The market for experienced, qualified drivers is exceptionally tight,” said John D. Esparza, president and CEO, Texas Trucking Association.One of the fastest-growing sectors for the trucking industry right now is energy production.”While the demand is high in Texas, freight is also increasing across the country as well as the demand in shale plays outside of the state,” Esparza said.At the moment, there is a need for more than 30,000 drivers in the trucking industry, nationwide. Yet, speaking with trucking companies across the Lone Star State, they say they could use that many right here in Texas.”As the industry starts to haul more because demand goes up, we’ll need to add more drivers, nearly 100,000 annually over the next decade, in order to keep pace,” said Bob Costello, chief economist and vice president, American Trucking Association.

via Trucking industry on a roll with hiring, jobs – Houston Chronicle.

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