Continental, Whiting, Oasis execs share stage

Harold Hamm, Jim Volker and Thomas Nusz are all titans of the Bakken shale oil play, but each has a different perspective on what the unconventional resource means to their respective exploration and production firms and the ultimate oil and gas production potential of the Williston Basin. During the 2014 Williston Basin Petroleum Conference, Hamm, CEO of Continental Resources; Volker, CEO of Whiting Petroleum Corp; and Nusz, CEO of Oasis Petroleum, shared the stage to discuss their views on the Williston Basin.Hamm’s message was linked to the Bakken’s potential. “I ultimately predict we will be producing two million barrels per day,” he said. “I don’t think that is over the top.” According to Hamm, roughly two-thirds of the Bakken’s oil has been produced in the past two years. Continental’s testing on well density and spacing is being monitored by the entire industry, he also said. The work will help to define one of the best possible ways to develop the resource. But, another big rail event could negatively impact the way oil is produced in the Williston Basin, he added.

via The Bakken magazine – Continental, Whiting, Oasis execs share stage, but not message.

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