Many Wells to Go in Williston, ND Oil/Gas Head Says

There are several other plays and deeper formations yet to be tapped in the Bakken/Three Forks shale play, and the industry is still trying to determine how many total wells it will take to fully recover all the resources in the area, North Dakota’s chief oil/natural gas regulator, Lynn Helms, said Thursday during the final day of the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck.Helms stressed that there is still a “great deal of experimentation” that will continue on how many wells are ultimately going to be needed to fully capture the resources in place.Helms said that even after 10 years of developing the Bakken and about 1 million b/d of production, well density questions remain unanswered as operators such as Continental Resources Inc. experiment with different wellsite combinations. “We’re seeing a construction boom in this state like we haven’t seen in 100 years,” Helms said.Helms said April data should verify the one-million-b/d milestone has been reached, but the future of the overall Williston is still to be written, and other new plays, of smaller potential than the Bakken, are being examined. They are in very early “discovery” and “homestead” phases. By comparison, Helms places the Bakken in the “harvest” phase.

via Many Wells to Go in Williston, ND Oil/Gas Head Says | 2014-05-23 | Natural Gas Intelligence.

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